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Complete bubble tea kit

Complete bubble tea kit

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Want to treat yourself to a healthy, 100% customizable bubble tea? The bubble tea kit with fruit pearls is the box you need!

Discover our Bubble Tea kit with fruit pearls, an exhilarating drinking experience to enjoy at home! This complete kit allows you to easily create your own artisanal Bubble Tea , with natural and tasty fruit pearls.

Made from fresh fruit, our fruit pearls add a burst of flavor with every sip , transforming your drink into a true delight. They are vegan, gluten-free and less sugary, offering a healthy and delicious option for all Bubble Tea lovers. In addition, their soft and crunchy texture adds a playful dimension to your tasting experience .

Easy and quick to prepare, our Bubble Tea kit allows you to personalize your drink according to your preferences. Simply follow the simple instructions included in the kit to prepare your fruit pearls , brew your favorite tea , and add additional ingredients to suit your taste.

Contents of the kit:

  • 1 tea bag of your choice of 30g
  • 1 box of boba / pearls of your choice of 350g
  • 1 syrup of your choice of 25ml
  • 6 biodegradable cotton tea infusers
  • 1 XXL stainless steel straw with its cleaning brush
  • 1 reusable spider ladle
  • 1 recipe card for Bubble tea

The bubble tea kit allows you to make between 8 and 10 drinks depending on the quantity used.

Perfect for an evening with friends, a gourmet break or simply to satisfy your desire for something sweet, our Bubble Tea kit transports you to a world of exotic and refreshing flavors . Let yourself be seduced by the magic of homemade Bubble Tea with fruit pearls!

For beginners or those who simply want to test the world of Bubble Tea , we also offer the Essential Bubble Tea Kit , providing an affordable introduction to this delicious drink. Or you can find all our bubble tea kits .

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What is bubble tea?

Bubble Tea, a drink originating from Taiwan, is increasingly popular in France. It consists of iced tea or milk, syrup and fruit pearls or tapioca pearls.

What sets it apart are the “pearls” or “marbles” that float happily in the liquid. These pearls, often made from tapioca, can also be fruit pearls, adding a touch of surprise to every sip.

The Bubble Tea tasting experience is both fun and delicious. The tapioca pearls are sucked through a wide straw, while the tea is sipped together. Each sip is a combination of flavors, textures and freshness, making Bubble Tea much more than just a drink.

We have taken meticulous care in choosing our ingredients

The quest for the essential components to create homemade bubble tea is not always easy. They may be rare, available only in industrial formats, too sweet, or contain unwanted chemicals. The offer on the market is not always satisfactory in terms of quality.

This is why we have placed particular emphasis on the quality products included in our Bubble Tea kit. For example, the flavored teas like black tea or green tea that we use are grown according to organic farming standards. Our fruit pearls are made from real fruit juice and made in France. They are less sweet than most competing products, which gives them a more natural flavor.

In addition, we have chosen to introduce you to an artisanal fruit syrup made in France, without the addition of artificial colorings.

Making your Bubble Tea at home has a huge advantage: you know exactly what you are putting into your creations. With our kit, you can be sure that you are using only quality ingredients, without sacrificing taste or your well-being.

Bubble Tea is a culinary creation that has captured the hearts of many beverage lovers around the world. So, immerse yourself in this sparkling world and discover the unique pleasure of Bubble Tea.

  • Made in France
  • Quick delivery
  • Secure payment

Qu'est-ce qu'un Bubble Tea ?

Qu'est-ce qu'un bubble tea ?

Le Bubble Tea, une boisson originaire de Taïwan, est de plus en plus populaire en France. Il se compose de thé glacé ou de lait, de sirop et de perles de fruit ou perles de tapioca. 

Ce qui le distingue, ce sont les "perles" ou "billes" qui flottent joyeusement dans le liquide. Ces perles, souvent fabriquées à partir de tapioca, peuvent également être des perles de fruit, ajoutant une touche de surprise à chaque gorgée.

L'expérience de dégustation du Bubble Tea est à la fois ludique et délicieuse. Les perles de tapioca sont aspirées à travers une paille large, tandis que le thé est siroté ensemble. Chaque gorgée est une combinaison de saveurs, de textures et de frais, faisant du Bubble Tea bien plus qu'une simple boisson.

Choix des ingrédients

Nous avons pris un soin méticuleux dans le choix de nos ingrédients

La quête des composants essentiels pour créer un thé aux perles maison n'est pas toujours aisée. Ils peuvent être rares, disponibles uniquement dans des formats industriels, trop sucrés, ou contenant des produits chimiques indésirables. L'offre sur le marché n'est pas toujours satisfaisante en termes de qualité.

C'est pourquoi nous avons mis un accent particulier sur les produits de qualité inclus dans notre kit Bubble Tea. Par exemple, les thés aromatisés comme le thé noir ou le thé vert que nous utilisons sont cultivés selon les normes de l'agriculture biologique. Nos perles de fruits sont fabriquées à partir de vrai jus de fruit et fabriquées en France. Elles sont moins sucrées que la plupart des produits concurrents, ce qui leur confère une saveur plus naturelle.

De plus, nous avons choisi de vous faire découvrir un sirop de fruit artisanal fabriqué en France, sans l'ajout de colorants artificiels. 

Faites votre Bubble Tea à la maison un énorme avantage : vous savez exactement ce que vous mettez dans vos créations. Avec notre kit, vous avez la certitude d'utiliser uniquement des ingrédients de qualité, sans sacrifier le goût ni votre bien-être.

Shipping & Delivery

Home deliveries with Colissimo in mainland France take place within 2 to 5 working days to the address indicated by the Customer when ordering on the site.

Deliveries to relay points with Mondial Relais in mainland France take place within 4 to 7 working days to the address indicated by the Customer when ordering on the site.

Concerning the rest of the world, deliveries can take place up to 15 working days to the customer after placing the order.


We answer all your questions!

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is a refreshing and unique drink that combines the flavors of tea and fresh fruit.

The fruit pearls offer fresh sensations by exploding in the mouth while the tapioca pearls are delicious to chew. It is possible to make cocktails using fruit pearls.

Create your own recipe to share a unique and tasty experience with your friends and family! Enjoy a timeless taste experience!

Product Commitment and Origin

  • Where do our products come from?

The company is committed to offering ecological and responsible products, while guaranteeing superior production quality thanks to its French manufacturing.

Vegan and gluten-free fruit pearls are an excellent example of quality products made in France. They are made from natural and high quality ingredients. These beads are also environmentally friendly, as they are produced locally and with sustainable manufacturing methods.

The teas are mostly harvested in France and are all organic.

Shipping and deliveries

  • How is the delivery going?

Home deliveries with Colissimo in mainland France take place within 2 to 5 working days to the address indicated by the Customer when ordering on the site.

Deliveries to relay points with Mondial Relais in mainland France take place within 4 to 7 working days to the address indicated by the Customer when ordering on the site.

Concerning the rest of the world, deliveries can take place up to 15 working days to the customer after placing the order.

Local delivery without postage is possible with certain postcodes, it will be offered to you automatically when you fill in your personal details.

Delivery costs are calculated automatically at the payment stage based on the weight of the package and the customer's place of residence.


  • What payment methods are accepted?

Accepted payment methods are: Credit card or ApplePay.


  • How to contact us ?

Customer service is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. by email at: or you can fill out the contact form on our contact page.

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Customer Reviews

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Pack complet pour une expérience au top! Je l'ai offert à ma maman qui était ravie! La boîte est superbe donc hyper sympa pour les cadeaux.

Super expérience!

2 box pour des cadeaux de Noël, l'effet était au rendez-vous, je remercie coralie pour ces conseils et son professionnalisme.
Hate de découvrir les nouveautés qu'elle propose. Super expérience, je recommande vivement!!

Très bien

Le kit contient une bonne quantité de produits et tous les outils pour réaliser les bubble tea. C'est super facile et délicieux :)

Fabienne Delage
Super - RAS

Commande conforme et reçue rapidement

Coralie B
Super idée cadeau

Cette box est parfaite pour découvrir les bubble tea. Je l'ai offerte à ma meilleure amie et elle a adoré!

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Fruity bubble tea

Bubble tea, or bubble tea, is a drink originating from Taiwan, composed of iced tea, syrup and fruit pearls. Fruit pearls are a variation of bubble tea with tapioca pearls.

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