Collection: Bubble tea pearls

Bubble Tea, a drink originating from Taiwan, is increasingly popular in France. It consists of iced tea or milk, syrup and fruit pearls or tapioca pearls.

If you have already succumbed to the charm of Bubble Tea, you have surely been seduced by the colorful shine and fruity taste of fruit pearls.

What are bubble tea fruit pearls?

These little wonders, also known as Boba, Popping Boba or caviar, are the well-kept secret behind the success of this bubble drink: fruity bubble tea. This is a great alternative to tapioca pearls.

These colorful balls, with a soft and gelatinous texture, literally burst in the mouth, releasing a delicious fruity juice that makes your taste buds sparkle. Their flavors, faithful to the fruits from which they come, transform each sip of Bubble Tea into an unforgettable taste experience.

But what makes these fruit pearls so special and essential in the world of Bubble Tea?

Fruit pearls are more than just a garnish. They are the very essence of fruity Bubble Tea.

How to make a fruity bubble tea?

To make a fruity Bubble Tea, you must first choose the fruit pearls.

Choose the flavor that suits you: strawberry, mango, cherry, peach, etc. They are available on our shop

Once the fruit pearls have been chosen, then comes the preparation of the iced tea. You can use black tea or green tea.

Then, we add the fruit pearls, syrup or honey, and finally add the iced tea. It is also possible to add milk or flavored powder.

Finally, we use an XXL stainless steel straw to sip the Bubble Tea.

How to use bubble tea pearls?

Fruit pearls are not only used to prepare Bubble Tea. They can also be used in a large number of desserts and other sweet recipes.

They can be added to yogurts, ice creams, fruit mousses, or even cakes. They can also be used as decoration or to enhance the flavor of dishes and drinks.

And if you like sweet and sour, you can add them to your savory recipes. These will bring a delicious and sweet flavor to the dish.

Our different flavors of fruit pearls

Bobapop offers a wide choice of fruit pearls in different flavors, to easily make fruity Bubble Tea at home.

Find popping boba on our site made from different fruits: strawberry boba, mango boba, cherry boba, peach boba. French manufacturing for our fruit pearls.

Bobapop fruit pearls are made from real fruit juice and contain no animal gelatin or artificial coloring. They are therefore suitable for vegans. They are also gluten-free.

Order your fruit pearls B obapop at the best price and receive them quickly at home.