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Discover our bubble tea kit to make at home. Quality ingredients all pre-dosed, quick and tasty preparation, this is what our products offer you . Preparation only takes a few minutes and the result is a delicious, freshly made bubble tea ! The best for your evenings with friends, and to discover new flavors.

Bobapop, for easy and delicious bubble teas

Are you a bubble tea fan? Bobapop offers you complete kits to prepare your favorite recipes at home. With our box, you have everything you need to make bubble tea quickly and easily.

What is a Bubble Tea kit?

Bubble Tea, boba tea, bubble tea or ball tea, is a sweet and fruity drink which became popular in France in the 1980s. It is enjoyed hot or cold and is prepared with tea, syrup or honey, fruit or tapioca pearls, and possibly milk and flavored powder.

Our Bubble Tea boxes are a set of accessories and ingredients carefully selected and packaged to allow you to easily prepare Bubble Tea at home. It is not easy to find good quality ingredients in stores or supermarkets.

These kits are designed to simplify the process of making Bubble Tea and give you an authentic experience, while allowing you to customize your drink to your preferences.

What does the Bubble Tea kit contain?

Here's what you can usually find inside:

Fruit Beads (Boba): Kits often include fruit beads in different flavors, such as strawberry, mango, peach, cherry or other flavors. Fruit pearls are the key ingredient to create the characteristic effect of Bubble Tea. You also have the option of adding tapioca pearls.

Bubble Tea Syrup: Kits include the Bubble Tea base, generally in the form of a syrup or ready-to-use preparation. This base can be flavored and sweetened to simplify preparation.

Tea: you will find a 30g bag of loose organic green tea or black tea to add to your bubble tea.

XXL Straws: Extra wide straws are essential for sipping fruit pearls and drinks efficiently. They come with their cleaning brush.

Slotted Spoons (spider ladle or skimmer): This special spoon allows you to delicately add the fruit pearls to the bottom of the glass without disturbing their texture.

Recipe Instructions: Most bubble tea kits include detailed instructions to guide you through the preparation process, step by step.

Other Accessories: Some kits may also contain other useful accessories, such as infusers or tea bags.

Which Bubble Tea kit to choose?

The complete bubble tea box is an all-in-one bubble tea kit complete with a box of fruit pearls of your choice Made in France, a 30g loose tea bag of your choice, a fruit syrup of your choice and reusable accessories such as the XXL stainless steel straw with its cleaning brush, the stainless steel spider ladle and 6 biodegradable cotton tea infusers. This kit allows you to make approximately 10 bubble teas (depending on quantity used).

The Essential bubble tea box is a bubble tea kit for beginners who want to have fun with bubble tea at home. It is composed of a pot of fruit pearls of your choice Made in France, a bag of organic loose tea of ​​your choice, 6 biodegradable cotton tea bags and 6 XXL biodegradable plastic straws. This kit allows you to make approximately 10 bubble teas (depending on quantity used).

The MilkTea box is an all-in-one kit that allows you to make traditional bubble tea with tapioca pearls. It consists of a sachet of tapioca pearls, a sachet of powder flavored with milk and black tea as well as 6 biodegradable plastic straws.

What is the difference with Bubble Tea already prepared in tea shops or supermarkets?

There are several significant differences between Bubble Tea purchased already prepared in stores or cafes and Bubble Tea preparation kits at home.

Bobapop offers you top quality ingredients . Fruit pearls and fruit syrups are made in France with natural ingredients from real fruit juices without artificial colorings, vegan and gluten-free.

Our teas come from organic farming packaged in our premises in France.

You will be able to control the quantity of sugar in your drink yourself thanks to our products. You will also be able to create your own homemade bubble tea recipes and make them endlessly!

Bubble tea making kits may be more economical in the long run. Store-bought Bubble Tea can be more expensive than homemade, especially if you consume it frequently.

Who are bubble tea kits made for?

Bubble Tea kits are convenient for beginners who want to experience this popular drink without having to purchase all the ingredients and accessories individually. They are also perfect for Bubble Tea lovers who want to experiment with new flavors or add creative touches to their preparations.

If you like to customize your drinks and make Bubble Tea at home, brewing kits are a great choice. You will be able to impress your friends during your evenings or, conversely, be able to do a fun and playful activity with your children.

In summary, a Bubble Tea set is an all-in-one set that simplifies the preparation of Bubble Tea at home, allowing you to enjoy this delicious and personalized drink at any time.

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