Collection: Teas for bubble tea

Enjoy our organic loose leaf teas with fruity flavors for bubble tea . These responsibly produced teas are guaranteed for their quality and exceptional taste. Have a glass of Bubble tea and enjoy the benefits of organic products.

Whether you call it Bubble Tea or bubble tea , the name says it all: this drink is all about tea. Even though some popular versions sometimes seem to forget it, quality organic tea and tasty fruit pearls are often all you need to make a memorable Bubble Tea!

When it comes to the fundamental question of choosing between green tea and black tea for your Bubble Tea, it depends above all on your taste preferences.

Green tea , renowned for its richness in antioxidants, offers a vegetal freshness that goes perfectly with fruit pearls.

On the other hand, black tea goes well with tapioca balls and is ideal for recipes using flavored powders. It brings a warm, malty depth to your pearl drink.

Don’t hesitate to explore our varieties of fruity, floral or exotic teas, and play with flavors and colors thanks to our range of fruit pearls for Bubble Tea. No matter which tea you choose, just be careful not to steep it too long, 3 minutes maximum.

Now the question arises: do you prefer your Bubble Tea hot or cold? In France, we tend to enjoy it chilled, as a summer drink made with iced tea and ice cubes. Iced Bubble Tea made with green tea and fruit pearls is a fan favorite during the hot season.

However, it's worth noting that bubble tea is a delicious year-round option, whether you enjoy it hot or cold. In the latter case, accompany it with tapioca pearls. For this variation, opt for an Organic Chai Latte black tea, add a touch of milk and a few tapioca balls.

When it comes to tea, at Bobapop, we attach particular importance to the quality of our products. All teas offered on our site are certified organic. Our bubble teas add, depending on your preferences, a gourmet, fruity or floral note to your pearl creations.

Finally, if you prefer a version of Bubble Tea without theine, particularly suitable for children, you can opt for rooibos or try our Bubble Tea recipes without tea. You can also opt for fruit juice, ice tea or your child's favorite drink.