The story of Bobapop - history of bobapop - bubble tea

Hello, I'm Coralie!

Welcome to the extravagant world of BobaPop , the French brand of reference for Bubble Tea to make yourself at home! The story of our deliciously sparkling adventure begins in early 2022 during a cheerful meal in an Asian restaurant. As we sipped our subtly fruit-flavored tea drink, our taste buds were instantly seduced by this explosion of flavors and this refreshing originality.

Dazzled by this unforgettable taste discovery, I immersed myself in extensive research on this famous drink called Bubble Tea. But here's the problem: most of the points of sale were concentrated in large cities, and these colorful delights were only available on site in Bubble Tea Shops. A real headache for me, living in the countryside!

However, this constraint was the seed of a bold idea: why not create a unique experience allowing everyone, from big cities to the depths of the countryside, to taste the pleasure of homemade Bubble Tea?

And there, the spark became a flame! At the beginning of 2023, like a magician of gluttony, I began to bring my slightly crazy project to life, and thus the joyful madness that is BobaPop was born!

But BobaPop is much more than just a box for concocting your Bubble Tea. It is an authentic adventure where quality and pride in French know-how combine with exquisite flavors, quality fruit pearls and choice ingredients. For most of our products, we proudly turn to France and Europe, favoring French and European manufacturing to guarantee you exceptional taste moments. - bubble tea

In each BobaPop box, a true treasure of creativity awaits you! From delicate tea blends to fruity flavors to colorful pearls that dance at the bottom of your glass, you'll enjoy every sip.

Lemon fruit pearls for bubble teaTapioca pearls for bubble tea - bobapop.frFruit syrup for bubble tea - bobapop.frMango passion tea varc for bubble tea -

Each of our creations is carefully selected to offer you a unique and irresistible tasting experience. Our recipes are tested and approved by our experts, ready to satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.

And the magic doesn't stop there! At BobaPop , we don't just offer you quality products. We invite you to enter our fun and festive universe, where imagination has no limits!

From colorful accessories to XXL straws, including grandly designed glasses, everything is designed to brighten up your Bubble Tea experience.

Bubble tea glass - bobapop.frtea infuser -

Plus, the adventure has only just begun! Stay tuned, because we have lots of crazy surprises in store to delight your taste buds and awaken your senses.

So, if you dream of a sparkling getaway into the fantastic world of Bubble Tea, join us at BobaPop!

Make a wish, shake your shaker, and let yourself be carried away by the sweet and delicious madness of homemade French Bubble Tea.

Let the festivities begin! 🌈🍹

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