Un Paradis de Saveurs avec le Thé Vert en Vrac Fraise et Pêche

A Paradise of Flavors with Strawberry and Peach Loose Green Tea

We invite you to embark on a whole new taste journey: that of strawberry peach green tea of ​​French origin, certified organic.

In this article, let's discover this exquisite blend that combines the art of tea cultivation in France, organic certification, and health benefits, all wrapped in the sweetness of real fruit pieces.

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The Excellence of Tea Culture in French Lands

France, renowned for its refined gastronomy and famous vineyards, is also experiencing an expansion of its tea crops.

The ideal climatic conditions and fertile soils of certain French regions have created an environment conducive to tea production.

Strawberry and peach green tea of ​​French origin is the result of these flourishing initiatives.

It is grown in accordance with organic farming, thus representing a harmonious blend between French traditions, the constant search for superior quality, and the authentic incorporation of real pieces of fresh fruit.

The Winning Duo: Strawberry and Peach

This loose tea reveals the magic of two emblematic fruits:

  • Strawberry: The sweet and slightly tart aromas of strawberries bring a touch of freshness and sweetness. Each sip is an explosion of flavors that evoke hot summer days.

  • Peach: Peach offers delicate sweetness and exquisite fragrance. It balances the liveliness of the strawberry with a note of tenderness, creating a symphony of taste.

Health Benefits

Besides its taste delights, this strawberry and peach loose leaf green tea also offers health benefits. Green tea is known for its antioxidants, which can:

  • Support Digestion : The properties of peach can promote gentle digestion, while green tea helps soothe the stomach.

  • Strengthen the immune system : The antioxidants in green tea can help strengthen your immune system, helping you stay healthy.

  • Moisturize naturally : Peach and strawberry bring a light touch of sweetness and hydration to your day.

  • Satisfy a sweet tooth : This deliciously fruity blend can help satisfy your sweet tooth without the excess calories of sweets.

The health benefits of green tea

How to brew your strawberry and peach loose leaf green tea

Preparing this tea is simple:

  1. Bring water to a boil. Let it cool for a few minutes to reach an ideal temperature of around 80°C.

  2. Measure your tea. Use about one teaspoon of tea for every cup of water.

  3. Infuse. Let it steep for 2-3 minutes for the perfect taste. You can adjust the brewing time according to your preferences.

  4. Enjoy. Savor every sip of this exquisite infusion.

Strawberry peach green tea

This tea is equally delicious hot or iced. Its sunny strawberry and peach flavors will awaken your senses and transport you to a garden of ripe fruit.

Loose strawberry and peach green tea of ​​French origin, certified organic, is a true invitation to indulgence and relaxation.

So let yourself be seduced by this refreshing, authentic and beneficial blend for body and soul.

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