Quel est le prix moyen d'un bubble tea ?

What is the average price of a bubble tea?

Bubble tea, this deliciously creamy Taiwanese drink enhanced with soft pearls, is a truly global trend.

One of the questions that often arises when we want to enjoy a good bubble tea is: what is the average price of this treat?

In this article, we explore the cost differences between bubble tea consumed in a restaurant, in a bubble tea shop, prepared at home and purchased in a supermarket, with a focus on what is most beneficial to a customer.

What is the average price of a bubble tea?

Bubble Tea at the Restaurant

When ordering bubble tea at a restaurant, you can expect a slightly higher price compared to other options.

In general, the cost of a bubble tea at a restaurant ranges from 5 to 9 euros or more, depending on where you find it and the ingredients used.

However, this price usually includes table service, an in-room tasting experience, and a wide selection of flavors.

Advantages at the Restaurant:

  • Full Service: You don't have to worry about prep or cleanup.
  • Variety of Flavors: Restaurants often offer a wide range of unique flavors and combinations.
  • Ambiance: Enjoy the ambiance and tasting experience.

    Disadvantages of the Restaurant:

    • Higher cost: Restaurants have overhead costs that influence the final price.
    • Sugar Level: You have less control over the amount of sugar in your drink.

      average price of a bubble tea in a restaurant

      Bubble Tea in a Bubble Tea Shop

      Bubble tea shops, these specialized establishments, are a paradise for bubble tea lovers. The average cost of a bubble tea in a bubble tea shop is usually between 6 and 10 euros, although this can vary depending on the location and customization options.

      You have the benefit of choosing from a multitude of flavors, textures and sugar levels, making bubble tea shop an affordable and satisfying option.

      Advantages in a Bubble Tea Shop:

      • Customization: Choose from a variety of options to personalize your bubble tea.
      • Reasonable: Competitive prices while providing a quality experience.
      • Quality of ingredients: Bubble tea shops are known for using quality ingredients.

      Disadvantages in a Bubble Tea Shop:

      • Slightly more expensive than preparing at home.
      • Less control over sugar level compared to preparing at home.

      Average price of a bubble tea in a bubble tea shop

      Bubble Tea at Home

      Preparing your own bubble tea at home is the most economical option. You can buy bubble tea kits from 15 euros, which allow you to create several drinks, which works out to less than 2 euros per serving.

      The initial investment in basic ingredients, such as tea, tapioca pearls or fruit pearls, and syrups, may seem higher, but it will allow you to make many drinks over time.

      Plus, you have complete control over flavors and sugar levels, which is ideal for those who prefer tailor-made drinks.

      Benefits of Home Brewing:

      • Lowest Cost: Save money on each drink compared to other options.
      • Total control: Personalize your bubble tea according to your preferences.
      • Quality of ingredients: Choose quality ingredients and control sugar levels.

      Disadvantages of Home Brewing:

      • Preparation time: This may take longer than ordering from a restaurant or bubble tea shop.
      • Less atmosphere compared to an in-resort experience.

      At Bobapop, you have a bubble tea kit to make at home for around 8 bubble teas, which costs you less than 4 euros per bubble tea. The kit is customizable, you choose your tea , your syrup and the flavors of the fruit pearls .

      Average price of a bubble tea at home

      Bubble Tea in Supermarkets

      For those who want an even more economical option, some supermarkets and supermarkets offer ready-to-drink versions of bubble tea for between 3 and 7 euros.

      These products offer the convenience of not having to prepare the drink yourself, which can be fun for busy consumers.

      Benefits at the supermarket :

      • Affordable Price: Bubble teas in supermarkets are often less expensive than those in specialized establishments, thus offering an economical option.
      • Convenience: The convenience of being able to purchase and consume bubble tea in minutes can be a huge advantage for people on the go or short on time.

      Disadvantages at the supermarket:

      • Less customization: Big box ready-to-drink versions generally offer less customization in terms of flavor, sugar levels and ingredients. You cannot adjust the drink according to your preferences.
      • Varies Quality: The quality of ingredients and flavors can vary from brand to brand, meaning you might not get the authentic taste of bubble tea.
      • Fewer Tapioca Pearls: Big box products may contain fewer tapioca pearls or none at all, which can alter the overall experience.

      Average price of a bubble tea in supermarkets


      The average price of bubble tea can vary significantly depending on where you choose to enjoy it.

      Indeed, restaurants offer a full-service experience, bubble tea shops offer a variety of flavors and customization, while big-box options and preparation at home are the most economical alternatives.

      For many customers, preparing at home offers the best value, as it allows full control over ingredients and sugar levels, as well as being more economical.

      However, for those looking for a well-rounded experience or wanting to explore a variety of flavors, restaurants and bubble tea shops remain attractive options.

      Ultimately, the choice will come down to your personal preferences and budget.

      Regardless, bubble tea continues to make people happy around the world, regardless of the costs associated with this gourmet drink.

      So, make your choice and enjoy this delicious culinary trend!

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