L'Excellence du Thé Vert en Vrac à la Mangue et à la Passion

The Excellence of Loose Green Tea with Mango and Passion

Mango passion green tea

When tradition and quality meet, the result is a mango passion green tea of ​​French origin, cultivated with care, certified organic, and infused with real tea leaves and real pieces of fruit.

In this article, let's discover this taste nugget, a symbol of French know-how in tea, respect for nature and authenticity.

The Art of Tea Culture in France

France is known for its refined gastronomy, its prestigious wines, and now, for its ever-growing tea plantations.

The climatic conditions and fertile lands of certain French regions provide an ideal environment for growing tea.

Mango and passion fruit green tea of ​​French origin is the result of these efforts.

Cultivated in accordance with organic farming, this tea embodies the perfect marriage between French tradition and the quest for superior quality.

Mango and passion fruit green tea

The Charm of Mango and Passion

This loose tea is imbued with the captivating exoticism of mango and passion fruit. The fusion of these tropical flavors with the delicacy of green tea creates a completely unique beverage.

  • Mango: The sweet and juicy notes of mango bring a touch of freshness and sweetness to every sip. The intoxicating scent of mango transports you directly under the palm trees.

  • Passion: Passion fruit, passion fruit to be precise, brings a touch of acidity and complexity to this infusion. Its rich and exotic aromas add an intriguing dimension to your taste experience.

Mango passion green tea

Health Benefits

Besides its exceptional taste, this loose leaf green tea also offers health benefits. The antioxidants found in green tea have been linked to various benefits, including:

  • Support for digestion : The passion contained in this mixture can promote digestion thanks to its natural enzymes.

  • Weight management : Certain compounds in green tea are known to help speed up metabolism, which can be beneficial for weight management.

  • Antioxidant properties : The antioxidants in green tea can help fight oxidative stress and strengthen the immune system.

  • Mental relaxation : The combination of green tea and the exotic flavors of mango and passion fruit can also promote mental relaxation and stress reduction.

Organic Certification: A Commitment to Nature

This loose leaf green tea is much more than just a blend of delicious flavors. It is grown organically, meaning that every tea leaf and piece of fruit is pampered without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

This not only guarantees a pure and authentic taste, but also a minimal ecological footprint.

Organic certification is a guarantee of transparency and commitment to preserving our planet.

Choosing this tea means choosing to support sustainable practices that respect nature, while savoring the true essence of mango and passion fruit.

How to brew your Mango and Passion loose green tea

Preparing this tea is child's play:

  1. Bring water to a boil. You must reach an ideal temperature between 75°C & 80°C.

  2. Measure your tea. Use between 12g and 15g max of loose tea.

  3. Infuse. Let it steep for 2-3 minutes for the perfect taste. Feel free to adjust the time according to your preferences. Don't leave it too long to avoid it becoming bitter.

  4. Enjoy. Savor every sip of this exquisite infusion.

This tea is a real treat to enjoy hot or iced. With its captivating flavors of mango and passion fruit, it will awaken your senses and transport you to distant lands.

Mango passion worm tea

Loose leaf green tea with mango and passion fruit of French origin is much more than just a drink.

It is a sensory experience that combines French tradition, organic quality and the magic of exotic flavors.

So, treat yourself to a unique taste journey by opting for this exceptional infusion.

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