Découvrez l'Art du Bubble Tea avec Notre Kit Maison !

Discover the Art of Bubble Tea with Our Home Kit!

Bubble tea, this fun and refreshing drink, comes to your home with our customizable bubble tea kit.

Forget endless queues in tea rooms, and immerse yourself in the creative adventure of bubble tea directly from your kitchen.

Here's why our kit is the best way to enjoy this delicious experience and why it makes an ideal original gift, especially for women.

Endless customization

Our kit offers total customization of your bubble tea.

Start by choosing your tea base, whether it's a fruity or floral green tea or a robust black tea.

Then, immerse yourself in the world of flavors by discovering your favorite fruit pearls from a tempting range. From peach pearls to mango pearls, you are spoiled for choice.

Finally, give the final touch with a fruit syrup: kiwi, passion fruit, green apple, lychee... it's up to you!

Create Unique Moments at Home

Preparing bubble tea at home is more than just a drink. It is a moment of creativity, relaxation and sharing. Bring your loved ones together for a personalized bubble tea evening.

Everyone can create their own unique combination, and it's the perfect opportunity to discover everyone's preferences. It's also a fun activity for evenings with friends, rainy afternoons or family celebrations.

Economical and Zero Waste

Our kit offers you the possibility of preparing several servings of bubble tea at home for the cost of a single cup in a tea room. This represents considerable savings in the long term, whilst maintaining the quality and authenticity of your favorite drink.

Each kit is designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering precise proportions for each ingredient. You can adjust the quantities according to your personal preferences, whether to intensify flavors or to create texture variations. Precise portion control ensures you get the perfect flavor harmony every time you taste it.

One of the major advantages of our kit is the minimization of waste. Unlike drinks prepared in salons, where portions are often standardized, our kit allows you to use only the quantity necessary to satisfy your craving of the moment. This not only reduces food waste, but also financial waste, because you only buy what you need.

Each ingredient included in the kit is carefully measured to ensure a consistent and delicious bubble tea experience. You don't have to worry about measuring each item because everything is ready to use. This precision in dosing simplifies the preparation process and ensures that even novices can create bubble tea worthy of a professional.

An Original Gift for All Occasions

Do you want to surprise your loved ones with a gift that is out of the ordinary and will tickle their taste buds?

Our bubble tea kit, designed with love and creativity, offers much more than just a drink. It is an invitation to a culinary adventure, a unique way to stimulate taste creativity and immerse yourself in the gourmet world of bubble tea.

  • A Culinary Adventure to Give: For women passionate about discovering new flavors, our bubble tea kit is the ideal gift. Imagine the excitement when they can create their own personalized bubble tea, choose their favorite tea from a quality selection, select fruit pearls with exquisite flavors, and give the finishing touch with a tasty fruit syrup. A true culinary adventure awaits them, transporting them into the captivating world of bubble tea.
  • Stimulating Creativity: Bubble tea is not just a drink, it is a blank canvas for the creative expression of flavors. Our kit encourages experimentation, allowing everyone to become a personal mixologist. Women can play with tea combinations, explore fruit pearl blends, and create syrup variations to achieve their perfect combination. It is a taste and artistic experience that stimulates creativity.

  • Ready to Gift in a Neat Box: Packaged with care and attention to detail, our bubble tea kit is ready to be gifted on special occasions. Whether it's for a birthday, a holiday, or just to treat someone special, this unique gift shows that you've thought of a personal and delightful experience. Each element is carefully arranged in an attractive case, ready to amaze and create memorable moments.

  • A Gift that Evokes Smiles and Flavors: Giving our bubble tea kit is much more than giving a drink. It’s offering a creative break, a moment of relaxation and tasting. It's about sparking smiles and memories, enhanced by the pleasure of creating something delicious with your own hands.

Benefits and Pleasure

In addition to the fun aspect, homemade bubble tea allows you to control the ingredients.

The loose tea is organic, the natural fruit pearls are made in France from real fresh fruit juice. The additive-free fruit syrups are also made in France using real fresh fruit juice.

You can enjoy a delicious drink while enjoying the health benefits of carefully chosen ingredients.

In conclusion, our customizable bubble tea kit transforms the preparation of this iconic drink into a unique experience.

Give yourself the freedom to create, enjoy and share your favorite bubble tea, right from the comfort of your home.

And don't forget, it's an original gift that will make the eyes of the greedy and creative women around you shine!

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